aeDating 4.1

Anyone who has any level of experience in the online matchmaking business will quickly tell you to buy dating site software that doesn’t require a lot of your time. After all, one of the major benefits to running your own dating site is having it operate automatically. aeDating IQ practically runs on autopilot. You don’t need a degree in PHP or HTML to set up your site. In fact, you don’t need to know anything about them at all! You spend just a few minutes approving new members each day, and aeDating 4.1 IQ dating site software does the rest. The administration panel is quick to master and easy to use meaning you can finish your «work» and move onto living your life. Key Features:- Powerful, secure, fast and stable PHP/MySQL-based online personals community site
— Improved membership, files and profiles fields systems
— Unlimited functionality modification options and easy design/layout customization
— Plugin system for easy integration of 3rd party community scripts (forums, chats, etc.)
— Flexible payment system, that can be integrated with different gateway payment providers
— Subscriptions system, credits system, shopping cart
— Scalable users database engine — artificially tested to maintain up to 8,000,000 members
— Voice and video upload, Flash-based IM, live Flash-based chat, ZIP code search
— Personal Blog
— N-steps registration
— Couples Profiles
— Media Gallery
— Customized Unlimited Membership Levels
— ShoutBox
— Moderators and Friends List
— New design of IM with thumbnail preview
— Double-blind on-site text messages, on-fly photos scaling, advanced matchmaking options
— Convenient admin panel, affiliate module, search engines friendly structure, low running costs
— Who’s online, ratings, comments, news, and success stories modules
— Now with 14 design templates
— Admin Panel Design
— US, Canada, UK, Europe ZIP/postal codes search support
— Supports 11 payment providers: 2checkout, PayPal, NETBilling,, CCBill, Tranzilla, GestPay, Yaskifo, PayMate, WorldPay and PaySystems
— Supports recurring billing from paypal
— Supports profiles database transition from datetopia scripts
Linux/Unix/Windows OS
· Apache web server
· PHP (Apache and CGI modules)
· ImageMagick
· SOX (for audio support)
· SendMail or Postfix
· Cron and access to Cron Jobs (via Shell access (SSH) or cPanel)