[BoT] File Editor

Уважаемые пользователи, в некоторые модификации требуют кроме установленного Установщика Модов ещё и специального редактора для автоматического внесения изменений в файлы. По сути, это облегчает установку модификаций, требующих вмешательства в файлы форума. Однако, мой вам совет: НЕ используйте автоматическое редактирование.

Используйте этот редактор, чтобы узнать какие нужно внести изменения в файлы и вносите их старым «дедовским» ручным методом. smile.gif
Так будет надёжнее, особенно, на локализованной русской версии форума.
[quote]Mod Features

* Easily and automatically perform file edits based on an instructions file that mod developers can package with their mods.
* If the code to search for appears more than once in the file, all instances will be displayed with their line numbers so you can match the correct place.
* If the code does not appear in the file, the system will still give you the instructions to manually perform the edit.
* Backups of each edited file are made automatically. Note that if there are two edits to the same file being performed at the same time, only one backup will be made to preserve space.
* Backups can easily be restored and backup files and folders can be removed to clear up space.
* Comes with developer utilities to make a mod developer’s life easier when creating an XML file for this mod.
* Version checking for each mod installed as well as version checking and informational news for the File Editor.


* This mod now works completely on both PHP 4 and 5, including the ability to perform edits and access backup files!
* Please check the CHMOD settings for the proper values needed to make this mod work.
* If for whatever reason with the correct CHMOD settings the files are still not readable/writable, then simply manually perform the edits that are displayed in the system.

Mod Developers! It’s time to begin making XML files for your mods if you wish to use this system. The structure of the XML files will remain mostly if not entirely the same until the first official release so you don’t need to worry about having to change it in the near future. Also, don’t forget about the Developer Utilities — they make creating the XML file easier! I have also included an HTML file for developers in the Documentation folder.[quote]

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